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An alternative to self licencing.

Equity participation and independence for every Authorised Representative.

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An alternative to self licencing

PROBLEM: In the emerging trend towards independence a sole adviser or small practice faces cost hurdles in becoming self licenced, particularly in relation to Professional Indemnity Insurance.

SOLUTION: Rather than just joining any other dealer group, why not consider a true Partnership with like-minded professionals?

Our Approach

Common Cents Financial Services Ltd and EQ Financial Pty Ltd are promoting the formation of a dealer group to be wholly owned by its Authorised Representatives. An arrangement is in place for the acquisition of EQ Financial as a going concern AFS Licensee, subject to achievement of critical mass, being the participation of a minimum number of Founding Advisers.

Our Goal

It is proposed to establish ownership of the licensee by its Authorised Representatives through a Limited Partnership operating as not for profit. The concept is similar to Vanguard, one of the largest global fund managers, which is a mutual and distributes profit to its customers in lower fees.

Every great journey begins with just one step. We are confident that this ground breaking opportunity can succeed with great advisers seeking control over their destiny.  Join us!

Who are we?

Patrick McMenamin


Common Cents Financial Services Ltd

Patrick has been in the financial services industry since 1991, initially providing credit advice alone and since 2007 a full range of financial planning services. 

Patrick holds a Master of Business Administration from Sydney University and Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and in addition Financial Services Diplomas in both Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking.

Patrick has broad experience in finance and credit advice, financial planning, estate planning, superannuation including SMSF and investment strategies.

Ian Dorney

Managing Director

EQ Financial Pty Ltd

Ian has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years, both in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Ian holds a full Diploma in Financial Services and EQ Financial holds the following licences:

Australian Financial Services Licence, 

Qualified Derivatives Adviser, 

Registered Tax Agent and 

Australian Credit Licence.

Ian  has comprehensive experience across the financial services industry and has specialised in wealth creation structuring investments, using equities & derivative markets. 


The following is provided from the NSW Office of Fair Trading

Limited Partnerships

A limited partnership is more flexible than a normal partnership, in that it has two types of partners – ‘general partners’ and ‘limited partners’ whose duties and liabilities vary.

General partners are responsible for the day to day management of the limited partnership and their liability for its debt is unlimited. There must be at least one and up to 20 general partners in a limited partnership.

Limited partners play no role in managing the limited partnership and their liability for its debts is limited to the amount of money contributed to that partnership, as recorded in the Register maintained by NSW Fair Trading.  The upper number of limited partners for a limited partnership is not restricted, but there must be at least one such partner per partnership.

A person may be admitted as a partner of the limited partnership without the need to obtain consent of any other limited partner (s.69 of PA).

Raising funds with a limited partnership is more flexible.  The limited partners can contribute funds for the operation of the partnership in return for a share of its profits, without having to be involved with the running of this partnership.  In effect, they are ‘passive’ investors in the limited partnership.

Limited partnerships can be used in most businesses needing to raise capital and where the additional formalities and complexities of a company registered under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) are not required.  Examples where a limited partnership might be a suitable business structure could include:

  • industrial or real estate developments,
  • agricultural schemes,
  • mining projects,
  • arts, theatrical and film ventures or
  • other small to medium businesses needing to raise funds in a relatively straight forward way.

Public Register

NSW Fair Trading is responsible for administering the Register of Limited Partnerships and Incorporated Limited Partnerships under the Act. Information about registration arrangements is provided below. 

Information on the Register is available for public inspection upon the payment of the fee prescribed in the Partnership Regulation. Requests for inspection and information from the Register may be made contacting Registry Services on (02) 6333 1400 or freecall 1800 502 042.

Other Obligations

Fair Trading can also provide information on the obligations that certain partners have to advise about changes in the circumstances of a limited partnership or an incorporated limited partnership, so that the Register can be updated by Fair Trading. Changes include:

  • name of the partnership
  • address of the registered office of the partnership in NSW
  • name or address of the partners
  • status of a partner, from general to limited partner or vice versa, or
  • limitation of the liability for a limited partner (in a limited partnership).

Limited and Incorporated Limited Partnerships must maintain a registered office in NSW which also displays the certificate of registration of the partnership.

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